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    Flame Extinguisher

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    Say hello to our quirky fire extinguisher-shaped lighter! Just like the real deal, push down on the top to spark a classic yellow flame. It's fire safety meets fun, perfect for lighting up your moments with a twist. Get your hands on this playful conversation starter and add a dose of laughter to your lighter collection!


    • Realistic design
    • Push the top of the handle to ignite the flame
    • Push down on the pressure gauge to activate a flashlight


    • Red extinguisher design
    • Slim and compact; fits in your pocket or purse


    • Refillable with butane
    • Classical flame
    • Adjustable flame size

    * Due to transport regulations around the world, unfortunately we are not allowed to ship lighters pre-filled with fuel. However, all lighters are made to be easily refillable by the user. 

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