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    Glowing Flame

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    Introducing the Glowing Flame, an enchanting blend of practicality and celestial elegance.

    This exceptional lighter showcases an enthralling exhibition of glow-in-the-dark sand that elegantly swirls within its liquid-filled enclosure, capturing the essence of a cosmic marvel.

    With every motion, the radiant sand mirrors the celestial display of stars hanging in space, delivering an otherworldly sensation that will leave you entranced.

    The refillable structure enables easy replenishment of lighter fluid and is accompanied by a replaceable flint and wick.

    Designed with a rocker arm mechanism, it offers swift and effortless ignition, ensuring a seamless experience each time.

    Embrace the enchantment of the universe in your hand with the Glowing Flame.


    • Light up sand inside the tank
    • Push-down handle to ignite the flame


    • Eye-catching design
    • Glass body


    • Refillable with butane
    • Classical flame
    • Adjustable flame size

    * Due to transport regulations around the world, unfortunately we are not allowed to ship lighters pre-filled with fuel. However, all lighters are made to be easily refillable by the user.

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