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    Infinite Luxury Match

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    Discover the epitome of elegance, convenience, and reliability in fire-starting with the Infinite Luxury Match.

    This ingenious self-striking match is designed to effortlessly ignite with a simple pull, adding a touch of sophistication to any event.

    The Infinite Luxury Match is refillable, infinitely reusable, and equipped with a replaceable flint and wick.

    It comes pre-assembled; just fill it with lighter fluid, and your Infinite Luxury Match is set to use.

    The package includes a versatile repair tool, extra rubber seals for long-lasting durability, and spare flints, ensuring uninterrupted fires for years.

    Enhance your fire-starting journey and embrace the grace of effortlessly kindled flames.

    * Due to transport regulations around the world, unfortunately we are not allowed to ship lighters pre-filled with fuel. However, all lighters are made to be easily refillable by the user.

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